Why You Should Invest In SEO?

Why You Should Invest In SEO?

Why You Should Invest In SEO?
Now a days online sales increased by 43% and users go for shop online.
you may have a website, but you don’t get users to buy.
SEO The best solution for this issue, with search engine optimization you can get a higher rank in google search and appear in the first page result.

let’s go deeper and know why we should invest in SEO

1- Create Awareness
First phase of marketing funnel is awareness, awareness for you brand identity.
SEO will help you a lot to introduce your self in the market. you will appear in the top page at the first rank which allow for all users to see you clearly and it turn in profit for your company

2- Get More Conversions
as long your company in the first result that increase probability of talking action and get more conversions.

3- increase you presence for all
by using search engine optimization it gives you better reach and it shows on increasing numbers of visitors for your website. what will give you the opportunity to have a good social presence.

4- Help user Experience
Google Always work on enhanced User Experience to get more users by SEO you help Google to do so. which gives you in return your highest rank.

5- cost-effective
by comparing SEO cost with online marketing like social media Ads or PPC or purchasing leads and so many ways. SEO provides cost-effective than any other ways.

6- build credibility
What do you think give you more credibility as a user in search engine. definitely first rank in the first page give you good impression for the brand and more trusted. that is the importance of using search engine optimization.

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