Does Trend Jacking Work and Is It Effective For Your Brand?

Trend Jacking

What is Trend Jacking?

Trend Jacking the word sounds so terrifying (looking like word hijacking). Trend Jacking is a wording utilized by web based life content scholars or computerized advertisers as they attempt to streamline their post or article with the trending points, or trending hashtags .

Joining the general discussion while it was going on was something totally new to the online networking worldview. Twitter turned into a reproducing ground for a totally different age of internet based life clients, quite a bit of whom were a piece of a counterculture to Facebook’s maturing and progressively ‘standard’ segment.

For the new age of Twitter clients, gone were the times of unnecessary, exhausting sections in a status; it was currently about the brisk and deft jokes in a tweet. In only a couple of years, Twitter earned itself a dependable after among its local segment; and the possibility of hash tagging quickly diffused among twenty to thirty year old who received the component with great affection.

A week ago, I was in conversation with a main online networking influencer and PR expert and she portrayed this mystery of hers in getting more likes and devotees for her blog and articles.

Profound plunging into the subject raised my interest about the point ‘Trend Jacking.

In straightforward words, Trend Jacking is basically the demonstration of gaining by a current trend so as to support one’s image in the commercial center.

How is Trend Jacking affecting our computerized reach?

  • In times where in ROI (return of speculation) is the popular expression among advertisers, there is a colossal weight on the computerized content individuals to convey greatest reach for their message or post in least venture. Trend Jacking offers a shoulder ride to content supervisors and SEO pros to drive more eyeballs onto the post or article.
  • Remaining increasingly unmistakable is the need by numerous brands.
  • Brands are on the whole competing for a pie of psyche space in customer’s brain so as to build their image review.
  • Nowadays, individuals anticipate more from promoting. With brands so open to individuals through online networking, crowds are reacting to socially keen brands.
  • A key component to Trend Jacking is playing with current trends whether socio-practical, socio-political, sports or any present undertakings.
  • On the off chance that you see, the greater part of the best brands have been utilizing this idea of Trend Jacking from ages. I might want to cite my preferred image Amul utilizing this idea for a very long time.
  • I would offer credit to their imaginative organization (da Cunha and partners) for utilizing this idea in the 1980’s itself and kept the brand alive and pertinent to its customers even today.

Should your image use Trend Jacking?

On the off chance that your sole goal is to help the perspectives by riding the flood of the trend and spamming the feeds of the social crowd then my recommendation is NO.

Yet, in the event that your goal is to modify your image’s correspondence to identify with existing trending point by making your image’s correspondence progressively pertinent towards the trend, at that point YES it makes sense to utilize it.

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